Tre strumenti, tre progetti

VIHUELA: è uno strumento Rinascimentale, col quale trasporto il pubblico nel passato, grazie alla sua sonorità arcaica
CHITARRA CLASSICA: il mio strumento più versatile, col quale è possibile muoversi in tutte le epoche, sino ai nostri giorni
CHITARRA A 8 CORDE: grazie alle sue sonorità profonde, permette di affrontare la musica per liuto, per pianoforte e fornisce una piccola orchestra per il repertorio in gru

La mia conoscenza, condivisa con i curiosi

Scrivimi per lezioni private o concerti:

A brief summary:

My experiences

Thanks to Music, I had the chance to meet some incredible people all around the world. Here's one of them, the composer Louise Drewett, in our first meeting in London.

To my audience

I always try to find a connection with the people who come to my concerts. I strongly believe in sharing aspects of the musical profession that are sometimes hidden to the general public.

My titles

My path, as the one of many musicians, didn't stop with the Conservatoire, or just Classical Music. In fact, I also attended several courses with wonderful Masters of the Guitar. I perfected my skills at the Segovia Guitar Academy and the Accademia Chigiana in Siena, among others.

My mission

I always try to bring something new in my repertoire and musical experience. In addition to my current solo career, I'm also working on a project in duo with Denise Gueye, all centered on Federico Garcia Lorca's Canciones Populares. Finally, I've also played with a choir the magnificient Romancero Gitano by Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco. 


Here you'll find everything you need to know about upcoming projects, concerts and recordings. Take a look!

Marco Carta Classical Guitar

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